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Elsa is a front-end dev in Denver who's passionate about STEM communication, D&D, and her cats. She is looking for work:
colorful socks hanging from a drying rack by clothespins

Big O Notation is a common question during tech interviews because optimization is not just a buzzword. If you can’t explain Big O and your code’s complexity, this may help.

We’re going to start with a drawer full of socks. You can’t see which color you’ve chosen until you pull it out. You’re looking to get a matching pair of socks, but we’re going to assume that you have to pull the maximum number out before you find a pair. …

If you might find yourself in an interview where you need to explain the Redux cycle, you’ll want to have read this first.

The Redux Cycle

The really short explanation, 18 words:

To update state in a Redux app, call an action which activates a reducer, which returns updated state.

The short explanation, 29 words:

Actions are activated on events like button clicks. They dispatch an object with a type to the reducers. The reducer whose type was called changes state before returning it.

The medium explanation, 53 words:

Actions are functions that are called when global state needs to update. They include the dispatch method, which carries the object created within the action to the reducers. …

If you’re comfortable in React and you want to get a handle on Redux, you’re in the right place. Redux apps have a lot of boilerplate. This article should help you understand the flow of data and get used to using the new terms.

Let’s say your React app has a controlled form. You handle its state within your form component, and pass a function through props from its parent component so you can pass the form’s state up — all so that you can pass that state back down to another child component to display it. …

Elsa Fluss

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